Birthday Fun

We had so much fun celebrating Olivia on Wednesday!  She slept the latest that morning, and while Doug was cooking the requested birthday breakfast, Steven and Angie helped me hang the birthday banner and balloons.  When Olivia got up, she just sat down in front of it and stared.  I think she liked it!
We canceled school for the day in her honor, so the kids played all morning while I worked in the kitchen.  Livie showed her more grown-up tastes by requesting a carrot cake this year.  Cream cheese icing doesn't decorate well - and everyone knows that carrot cake and cream cheese icing just have to go together!  So, we worked out a way to have a somewhat decorated cake without having to use too much decorator icing.  The result was an outlined bunny face with a purple bow made out of sprinkles...
We enjoyed pot pie for lunch and then had cake and presents.  Steven and Angie gave her some stationary, we got her a watch, and then she had her sock doll.  She was excited!

Shortly after lunch the phone rang - her best friend from Mississippi called to wish her a happy birthday!  Those two silly girls talked for quite some time before we moms decided we'd like to have a bit of a conversation before the phones went dead!
I got the requested pretzel dogs ready to take up to church for supper, and then we loaded up and headed to the church for the afternoon.  One last surprise awaited our birthday girl there.  On Tuesday Olivia had combined all of her birthday money and her own savings and ordered her very first camera.  Due to her diligent savings and the gifts from grandparents, she was able to buy a really nice 10.2 mp Kodak Easyshare camera!  We were so proud of her!  Anyway, when we ordered it, the statement from Amazon was that it would take a couple of extra days to process the camera and the estimated arrival date was June 1 or 2 - a full week after ordering the camera.  Imagine our surprise when Amazon shipped it on Tuesday right after she ordered it!  Not only that, it was shipped from Memphis which means it got to us on her birthday!  Doug had it waiting for her at church when we got there!  She was ecstatic (and Doug and I were pretty thrilled, too)!  She's already tried to set up backgrounds to photograph Susan the sock doll...
She also was the photographer for all of our Wed afternoon activities - including the building of a model rocket.  We launched it today, and she photographed that adventure as well.  So, stay tuned for pictures of our rocket adventures. 


Happy Birthday, Olivia :D

Wow, Ann, nine years old!

My "baby" will turn nine next month. *sigh* They grow up so fast...

Can't wait to see her pics!

Choate Family said…
I think Susan looks like you, Ann!
Julie, I don't even want to think about the day my baby turns nine! It's bad enough when my oldest does! You're right - they do grow up fast!

Joanna, that made me laugh out loud!

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