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For Today...Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outside my window...partly cloudy skies, freshly mowed grass, and the sudden disappearance of the coolness of the past three days.

I am thinking...very scattered thoughts.  Must find a way to focus today.

I am thankful for...flexibility, even for structured people like us.

I am wearing…a short blue-flowered skirt and light blue top, black sandals, and hair not yet brush this morning. I need to get to that!

I am creating...nothing really.  Not feeling very creative these days.

I am remembering...some of the books I read and enjoyed as a child.

I am reading...just finished Heart Mender by Andy Andrews (a re-titled and slightly polished version of Island of Saints I mentioned last week); Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson & Tricia Goyer

I am hoping...for enough coolness this morning for the kids to get a good, solid stretch of outdoor playtime.

I am hearing...the kids goofing off with each other over breakfast.

On my mind…unsaved and struggling loved ones.

From the learning rooms...a unit study of Davy Crockett to review next week.

Noticing that...all three kids are in a good mood today. I like that!

From the kitchen...beef teriyaki and rice, sadly without egg rolls, I believe, unless I can find one last package hidden in the freezer.  Here’s hoping!

Around the house...or maybe on top of the house…it appears that a woodpecker was attracted to the vent pipe coming off our water heater.  We haven’t heard him since yesterday morning, but he made quite the racket!

One of my favorite things...discovery and the facial expressions that go with it.

A few plans for the rest of the week...continuing to work through an evaluate our unit study, normal church activities, a lunch out for me tomorrow, and a pretty much uncommitted weekend.

A picture worth time was just too much…




very sweet picture!

Choate Family said…
Wow! He looks like his Daddy :-)

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