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For Today...Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outside my window...beautiful cooler weather and teasing, brief bursts of rain intermingled with sunshine.  Thirsty ground that still seems dry and dusty even after the rainbursts.

I am thinking...about the oddity of my Christmas gift list this year.  Typically Olivia and Steven’s lists are full of ideas before I ever come up with a single thought for Angela.  This year every idea is perfect for Angela and I am stumped when it comes to Steven and Olivia.

I am thankful for...the rain, no matter how little.  The cooler weather.  A wonderful home.  Our church family.

I am wearing...pale gray capris, a purple short sleeve Ouachita (that’s Wa-shi-taw for you non-Arkansans) Tigers polo, bare feet, hair down.

I am creating...calendar pages for Christmas calendars; lists of other gift ideas.

I am with much younger children.  It’s a hard, hard time, but it’s worth every moment, every morsel of energy, every tear, and every struggle to see the people those babies are becoming.  It really does pay off – long before they become adults!

I am get back to a regular exercise routine this week.  Started last night – had a few hitches, but it still felt good.  Despite the pain in my legs, I can’t wait to go at it again tonight!

I am reading...From Dust and Ashes by Tricia Goyer; just started A Praying Life by Paul Miller in my quiet time, so I’ll be in it a while.

I am hoping...for miracles – not just for us, but for quite a few others as well.

I am hearing...outdoors sounds through the open windows.  We had to close the windows last week, and it’s delightful to have them open again today.

On my mind...God’s invisible work versus glaringly visible circumstances; the need to focus on the invisible.

From the learning rooms...finishing South America; still reading about the gold rush and early settling west of the Mississippi; more study of electrical currents and inventions; lots of math review; Psalm 103; Steven’s learning about measurement this week.

Noticing that...I’ve become less stressed about “getting it all done” perfectly in line with the schedule.  There honestly isn’t enough time on the schedule each day to get everything done, but I have been trying to not stress about it.  Somehow by the end of the week we seem to have gotten it all done without the stress!

From the kitchen...Beefy Spanish Rice; hopefully the chance to make some granola this afternoon.

One of my favorite things...rain.

A few plans for the rest of the, work around the house, and probably a whirlwind trip to Horn Lake on Saturday to get keys from the renters and take stock of the condition of the house. 

A picture worth sharing...the dust hanging heavily in the air.  Today’s little showers have reduced it some, but not much.

Dust2 Dust1


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