Welcome, Fall!

I realized something tonight as I sat down to blog.  I wanted to blog about starting school and welcoming fall, but I have no good pictures of either one!  I know I can blog without pictures, but those are topics that just beg for pictures!

So, instead I’m going to share a few tidbits and a couple of pictures tonight because I’m just itching to blog!  Later this week I’ll hopefully have a much more acceptable supply of pictures.

Now for some random topic-hopping.

After putting the school room off to the end of my unpacking list, I finally got it put together and was ready to plan.  The planning I usually start before summer hits didn’t happen this year.  So, after a busy summer and the insanity of moving, I finally started planning as my children were literally begging to start work!  AUGH!!  Being the planner that I am, I wanted to have all of my ducks in a row before we ever cracked one book.  But, knowing how much better we all do schedule-wise when we’re having school, I decided to plan as we started.  Week one we did math, Bible, and read-aloud while I planned.  Week two we floundered through while I discovered all of the holes in my planning.  Today started week three, and it went beautifully!  Tomorrow I will take the camera to school with us so I can blog more about it and include pictures.

Have I shown you Snaggletooth?  I just love the HUGE gap there – it’s so cute!100_7937 Fall weather has finally arrived and I can’t tell you how excited we are!  We’ve had windows opened until it actually got too chilly to keep them open, especially at night!  Oh, that makes us all so incredibly happy.

Olivia welcomed in fall by making a batch of banana bread – almost completely by herself.  She followed the recipe, and I worked on something else while she did it.  I gave her a few tips, but she pretty much did it herself.  100_7965 We put out our fall decorations this week.  What fun that was!  Now I suppose at some point I need to get fall clothes out of the attic so my kids can dress warmly!  Fortunately we have a few more 80+ degree days in the forecast, so I have a little leeway.  I’m sure it will still sneak up on me, though.  Fortunately they all have a few long sleeve shirts in their drawers to get them by til then!

And, of course, the other pressing fall task is updating the blog backgrounds.  Fall backgrounds are my absolute favorite.  Can’t wait to have a chance to play with them!

Oh, and fall also means it’s time to start working on Christmas crafts: calendars, sewing, etc.  Oh, the next few months are going to be so much fun!  Busy, but definitely fun.

Can you tell I love fall?  So excited it’s finally here after the long, busy, hot, hot, hot summer!


Beth said…
I started planning Christmas gifts yesterday! I love fall, too. I feel so much more energetic with the cooler temperatures! I have all the kids' clothes out of the attic, but I'm really resisting pulling mine down--the thought of 8 year old maternity clothes is not really exciting!
Stephanie Kay said…
I was off-kilter for all of September because I couldn't find the time to sit and plan. I hate flying by the seat of my pants!

So, do you ever look at the Snaggletooth and just ask her to smile for the shear pleasure of seeing those two gaps? :) Will's have all grown in. sigh. Now I'm waiting for Ben to start losing his.
Beth, you have a reprieve, thanks to the 80+ degree weather coming back!

Stephanie, I do! I love her grin! Olivia's front teeth weren't both out at the same time like this - one was half grown back in before the second came out. So, I'm just soaking up Angie's huge gap! No sign of new ones growing in yet, either!

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