Adjusting & Pictures

For a while now, we’ve lived in a community where people like to spend time together but prefer to do it in a neutral location – somewhere other than in each other’s homes.  In Almyra that doesn’t seem to be the case, and I must confess I’m loving it!  It is an adjustment, but it’s a good one.  The biggest adjustment is the comings and goings of our children that seems to be beginning.  Friends coming to our house and our children going to friends’ houses.  New and different for us, but such fun!  And yes, there will be pictures of the comings and goings forthcoming (when I remember to actually take them!).

Meanwhile, my favorite fall dresses came out this past Sunday – the girls’ polka dot Christmas dresses.  I just can’t help taking pictures when they wear these dresses!  Oh, and we curled Olivia’s hair with cloth rollers Saturday night.  The curls stayed for three days!!!  (Yes, I confess, she didn’t get a bath again until Tuesday night.)  Since her hair is typically straight as a board, we were really surprised they lasted that long.   She was glad to have her straight hair back, though!


The other awesome thing about fall is the return of the fedoras.  I love seeing my handsome men in their hats!


And, Doug wanted a picture of me with the girls.



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