Prissiness & Praises

Can I just say that I have an incredibly prissy daughter?  Incredibly.  Her natural state of being is to strike a pose.  Don’t believe me?  Check out what happened last weekend when she put on this hat.  (And yes, she was striking poses before the cameras came out!)
Prissy 4 Prissy 1 Prissy 2 Prissy 3
Her Aunt Alli asked where she learned such things.  My answer?  She was born with it. 
How else do you explain a five-month-old who falls asleep in a pose like this?
Sound asleep! (2-26)
Or an 11-month old who sits like this?  I mean, look at the hand position!  And, I clearly remember taking this picture – I didn’t happen to get the pose.  I got the camera out because of the way she was sitting. 
Rocker Chick (7-30)1
Yes, I think the only answer is that she was just born with it!

When I first wrote this blog post, that was going to be the end of it.  But, there's more to this sweet little princess than just prissiness, and I am just dying to share.

Last Sunday night as Doug finished the sermon and started into the invitation, I noticed Angela start to fidget.  When the hymn number was called, she grabbed her hymnal, started to open it, and then closed it again and put it away.  She started to come close to me and then stepped away.  Finally she made her decision.  She stepped out and went to talk to her daddy - aka her pastor.  She told him she was ready to be baptized!

Angela has been asking questions and talking with us about spiritual issues for a couple of years now.  We told her the same thing we had told Olivia when she was asking the same questions..."It's up to you!"  We told her what she needed to do and left it up to her to decide to do it.  All on her own with no reminders.  Once she made her decision, we still wanted to make sure she knew why it was time to be baptized - to make sure she understood that baptism does not save her but is just a public sign of her salvation.  After that, we wanted to make sure we told a few people in person (like grandparents!) before making it known to all.  But now the time has come.  Next Sunday our sweet Angela will be baptized to tell her church family that she is now a Christian.  What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving! 

We love you, sweet Angela.  We welcomed you to our earthly family just over seven years ago.  Now we are proud and ecstatic to welcome you to our eternal family!


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