My Sweet Kids

I hadn’t finished all of my chronological Bible reading before activities of the morning began, so I sat down to finish it after breakfast.  The kids were getting started on chores, and I was barely into my reading before Steven rolled in with the vacuum cleaner. 

“I’ve come to vacuum your room,” he informed me.  “It might make your quiet time not be quiet, though.  Will that be okay for you?”

Talk about melting my heart!  And yes, amazingly enough, my sweet four-year-old did a great job vacuuming our room!  He might not have gotten every strip or corner, but it looks good!

Meanwhile, the girls have come in to tell me they’ve swept and mopped the kitchen, cleaned up the laundry room a bit, and now are starting on the dishes.  Which leaves me to wonder…who are these children and where have mine gone? 



Mine have been uber-helpful today too :D


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