Catching Up & Thankfulness

Now that the crazy two weeks are over, I think I can actually breathe again!  But, looking back, it was really a good two weeks. 

Thanks to the amazing love and generosity of our church family, we not only had two days of child care while Doug and I painted the inside of our house in Horn Lake, we also had a crew of six men travel up a week later to make the outside of the house look beautiful!  Between those gifts of time and energy and the many other ways they have showered us with love and appreciation, I am just overwhelmingly grateful and humbled by our church.  

Meanwhile, the AR Baptist State Convention’s annual meeting was wonderful!  We began with the Pastor’s Conference and Minister’s Wives Luncheon on Monday.  I can say without a doubt that my day was awesome!  We have such a fun group of minister’s wives in AR.  I pray even more wives can join us next year and be encouraged as we were last week!  Next we progressed on to the business of our annual meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was wonderful to see how smoothly all of the business flowed, and the preaching we were able to sit in on was really good.  It was also neat to get to introduce the girls to what a convention was like.  (There was child care for Steven’s age)  Although it meant we had to choose to be in fewer of the preaching sessions, it was worth it to include them this year.

We were a pretty tired bunch by the end of it, but the week wasn’t done yet!  We took care of some home business Thursday and Friday, and then thoroughly enjoyed outreach events at church Saturday and Sunday.  We start our new month hopefully getting back into some semblance of a routine!

And, as we try to settle back into a routine, we’re going to be trying to get into the habit of something as a family.  Increased thankfulness.  I have seen how much of a rut we’ve gotten into with our thankfulness around here.  What better time to break out of that rut than now, heading into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.   I told the kids this morning that if we can find even the silliest things to be thankful for – and make it a habit – then it will be much easier for us to be thankful when things aren’t going so great.

So, this morning we’ve been thankful for Pull-Ups, a good night’s sleep, getting to stay home with Mommy, our microwave not exploding when Olivia put a spoon in it this morning!, enough dishes that we could have a messy kitchen and still have dishes for breakfast, a fire place and lots of wood (thank you, Gary!), and a good floor off of which we can clean the wood debris and other dirt that life brings through.  And that was all in the first hour!  Yay!  I’m excited to see what the rest of the day brings…

What about you?  What are you and your family thankful for?  I’m excited to hear, because I know it will open my eyes to more things we can be thankful for as well!


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