Like a Big Boy

Steven frequently sees his sisters curled up like this…

Reading 2

…or this…

Reading 1

And that’s just for school!  That doesn’t count their reading for “fun.”  Although he gets to do fun stuff in school, too, like create Mat Man

Reading 3

…and now has a friend he can play with when girl-time gets to be too much…

Reading 4 

…he still feels like there’s just something missing.  So, despite the fact that I was hoping to wait until he officially started kindergarten next fall, I have finally acquiesced and am starting him on phonics.  He can write all of his letters (spelling tests consist of me calling out a word for the girls to spell and a letter for Steven to write), has his letter sounds almost mastered (short i and e just sound too much alike when you have a southern accent!), is continually telling me what this word or that word starts with, and now is trying to put letter sounds together.  I told him that after Thanksgiving we’d start with consonant-vowel blends to see how he does. 

“Deep breath, Mommy.”  If I repeat that enough to myself, will time and the growing up slow down just a little bit?  No, I didn’t think so.


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