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For Today...Tuesday, November 3o, 2010

Outside my window...mostly cloudy skies with an occasional clearing and a cold biting wind – it really feels like winter out there.

I am thinking...about Christmas presents, especially the few I haven’t quite figured out yet.

I am thankful for...a miraculously full freezer.  We have not been on a “real” (aka full or big) grocery shopping trip in two months, yet we have an abundant supply of meat.  Also thankful for a paid mortgage payment, also a miracle.  God is faithful!

I am wearing...jeans, green long-sleeve knit top, hair down.

I am creating...still secrets and surprises.  And also neckties!  Yes, I’m one of those strange mamas who likes to see her little boy in ties.  I don’t make him wear them every Sunday, but now and then.  He’s outgrowing his clip-ons, so I decided to see if I could find a pattern for “real” ties.  The pattern I found was a very basic guide, but after making one that was way too small, I succeeded on the second try!  Steven now has a Christmas tie (and Harvey puppy has a matching one thanks to the one that was too small) and he will get more for Christmas.

I am first venture into homemade Christmas gifts.  Ten Christmases ago.  I’ve learned a lot.

I am catch up on all of the blogging I intended to do last week.  Over the next couple of weeks I should be making up for last week’s silence!

I am reading...whatever I feel like picking up in brief moments when I get a chance to read.

I am get quite a bit more done on Christmas presents before we head back into school next week.

I am hearing...Christmas music, crackling fire, the dishwasher running.

On my mind...Jacque Synco, a church member and friend who has been very, very sick.  It looks like they’re finally getting a handle on what’s going on, and we’re praying for speedy recovery with no need for surgery.

From the learning rooms...reaping the benefit of year-round schooling.  When I didn’t get school planning done last week, we just decided to take a second week off for Thanksgiving.  It does make those summer school days worthwhile!

Noticing that...the kids seem to have been getting along well the past few days after a couple of weeks of regular fights.  It’s nice.

Pondering these words... “When I begin praying Christ into someone’s life, God often permits suffering in that person’s life.” ~Paul Miller  (Also, when I suffer, I can take comfort in the thought that someone is praying this way for me.)

From the kitchen...inventory and menu planning.

Around the’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  I love Christmas decorations!

One of my favorite things...evidence of spiritual growth in the lives of my children.

A few plans for the rest of the week...dinner and planning visit tonight with some friends, school planning, working on Christmas gifts, grocery shopping, and probably a cooking day.

A picture worth sharing...Steven & Harvey with their matching ties.



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