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For Today...Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outside my window...gray skies, an abundance of wet leaves from this morning’s rain, a steady breeze, and warm mugginess (we had to turn on the AC today!).

I am thankful for...the mildness of our stomach bug yesterday, and the blessings we amazingly saw even through something as icky as sickness.

I am wearing...jeans, a purple OBU polo, hair down, bare feet.

I am creating...surprises!

I am remembering...the last time we passed sickness around the family.  It was the flu, nearly three years ago.  I can only remember one or two other times we’ve all been sick in 12 years of marriage.  I do not cease to be thankful for good health – I know so many who do not have it.

I am enjoy this week.  Much relaxation, plenty of time to space out housecleaning, lots of Christmas gift making, and decorating for Christmas this weekend.  Nice.

I am, reading?  Am I supposed to be reading?  Oops!

I am hoping...there is health in Almyra homes for Thanksgiving this year – this stomach bug needs to go!

I am hearing...the kids jabbering as they finish their lunch.  There’s a reason I gave up on sitting with them after I finished my lunch.  But, at least they’re eating today!

On my mind...friends who still have that lovely stomach bug – and who have it much worse than we did.  Praying for you all!!

From the learning rooms...the week off, except for a little bit of reading.  Maybe.

Noticing that...I just feel relaxed today.  It’s a good feeling.

Pondering these words... “When God seems silent and our prayers go unanswered, the overwhelming temptation is to leave the story – to walk out of the desert and attempt to create a normal life.  But when we persist in a spiritual vacuum, when we hang in there during ambiguity, we get to know God.” ~Paul Miller

From the kitchen...not much creativity (with the exception of Thanksgiving dinner plans).  Need to remedy that soon.

Around the house...gradual cleaning to prepare for Christmas decorations.

One of my favorite things...Christmas music.

A few plans for the rest of the cleaning and continuing to recover over the next couple of days; Almyra FBC’s joint Thanksgiving breakfast dinner and service with the Methodist church Wed night; immediate family Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday; extended Hibbards celebration here at our house on Saturday; Angela’s baptism on Sunday. 



Hi Ann,

Hope you were all feeling better for Thanksgiving, and Angela's baptism... woo-hoo!

So thankful for all my bloggy friends :D


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