Mid-Week Miscellany

  • We got rain yesterday! We saw the dark clouds and heard the thunder, but kind of expected it to all just bypass us again as it has every single time for the past month. But, no! It started around 8:30, I think, and was supposed to have stopped by noon. Instead, it kept right on falling in a perfect, steady, soaking rain until after 1:00. Again, we thought it was done, but it back started up and kept coming until about 4:45! The yard is already greener, and all of the crops just looked happier! Oh, what a delight a day of rain is!
  • Not only did we have rain, but the temperature dropped to 69 (our lows haven’t even gotten that low in weeks!), and never got back above 72. It was fantastic!
  • Naturally, we didn’t get to go swimming yesterday (a willing sacrifice, under the circumstances), but we did on Monday. Yay! We’ve missed it!
  • I just realized I forgot to share Olivia’s BIG news, and it’s been almost two weeks! Misc1Olivia now has glasses! She had commented on things being a bit blurry, and at one point she playfully put on my glasses and realized she could see better with them. Sure enough, she’s nearsighted with a touch of astigmatism. Naturally, she had to have purple glasses. There were so many purple options, but I just love the ones she chose. It’s taken a little while for me to get used to seeing her in them, but I think she looks so cute.
  • We have declared the next two weeks to be official summer vacation. We’ve not done much school the past three weeks, but they’ve been so busy for us! The kids have had a break, but not Mom! So, this is my week. Next week we have several doctor’s appointments, so it won’t be a real week off, but it does ease the pressure on me to not have to work school in. I love the flexibility of homeschooling!
  • Of course, the other thing about a natural love for learning is that the kids learn without really knowing it. We’ve asked the girls to do a little writing and to read a few books of our choice! And, since Steven and I haven’t worked on reading in several weeks, we’ll be reading together. But they think it’s mostly fun.
  • Angela has grown half an inch in a month. Fortunately, Steven and Olivia seem to be taking a break.
  • I need to sort pictures. I have taken 2,257 pictures since the beginning of December, but haven’t sorted any of them into individual folders. Oh wait – no, these go back to October! My “new pictures” folder is getting really full.

And there you have it – all of the “miscellaneous-fun-but-too-short-to-blog-on-their-own” thoughts that have been tossing around in my brain today.


Olivia is adorable either way... lovely with the glasses :D

Enjoy your summer break!


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