Not Quite Ordinary Observation

For Today...Monday, June 6, 2011

Outside my window...sunshine and a record-breaking heat wave.

I am thinking...that it just can’t be June already!

I am thankful for...the pool and the Stones who let us use it. Teachable children.

I am wearing...a blue sleeveless knit “stay-at-home” dress.

I am creating...ideas for my next sewing project.

I am I loved to have a clean room as a child, but rarely actually accomplished that feat unless coerced. I see the same thing in Olivia these days.

I am be more on top of things tomorrow so we can go to the pool.

I am reading...The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter for a ladies Bible study; A Reluctant Queen by Joan Wolf for review.

I am get the house back in order this week. Somehow I let it fall apart last week!

I am hearing...the air conditioner (for which I am phenomenally thankful!), the ceiling fan, and faint noises of the kids playing on the other side of the house.

On my mind...what to do next for school “busy work” for Steven since he’s about to finish the KG BrainQuest book he loves so much!

From the learning rooms...history: post Civil-War segregation, immigration, westward migration, railroad expansion; girls’ science: inventions such as the hook & loop, anesthesia, glasses, and adhesive bandages; Steven’s science: the five senses.

Noticing doesn’t take long to go from being concerned about too much rain to suffering due to the lack of it. Praying for a “good balance of sunshine and rain” for ourselves, just as we’ve been praying for the Choates.

From the kitchen...a sudden realization that I didn’t menu plan for this week! I’m sure quiche and chicken noodle casserole will be in the mix somewhere.

Around the blowing in nearly every room.

One of my favorite things...celebrating the accomplishments of my wonderful husband and precious children.

A few plans for the rest of the much low-key normalcy as possible before heading into two very, very busy weeks.

A picture worth sharing...nothing jumps out this week. Maybe by next week Olivia will finally have her room in order for a panorama of her new furniture!


Choate Family said…
Thanks for the peek into your week, friend! Praying for your rain/sun balance.

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