One Day at a Time

Well, once again (two days in a row for this week), the rain skirted just southeast of us. It’s like there’s something in the Almyra air that just repels rain sometimes. Our garden and trees, and farms are very sad. They so greatly prefer God’s watering to man’s. That’s just a reality of life. But, I’m thankful that we have irrigation options nonetheless (in our case, hoses and buckets – the hose is running on the garden as I type, and in a little while I’ll go fill buckets to water the trees).

Speaking of the garden, it’s bad. I mean really bad. Looking at it today, I think we might end up having to mow down everything but the corn. This afternoon I did mow a couple of strips that were just overrun by grass in hopes that water could get to everything else a little better. We have plans in place for better results next year, though. Hopefully we’ve learned a few things!

Steven’s croup appears to be gone, thank goodness! Yesterday early afternoon saw the last of the Baby Vader breathing, even though he was still running a fever. But, the poor baby is not well, yet. He now appears to have a good old fashioned cold. Runny nose, head congestion, and just all over ickies. I think he’s just used up so much energy trying to breathe lately that his body couldn’t fight off the cold. I’m definitely ready for my baby to be healthy again!

The girls, fortunately, seem to be staying healthy. They are such big helpers. I’m off to fix them a special snack for the afternoon now that they’re done with school work. Gotta do a few special things for them this week! Smile


Hi Ann,

Poor Steven. Colds are no fun, but at least the croup is gone.

It's been so cold up here that folks have only just begun planting their gardens.. late! I'm skipping it and dreaming of next year.


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