Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, June 27, 2011

Outside my window...grass that is growing browner by the day. At least it means less mowing this summer!

I am thinking...not much, to be honest. My brain is as little sleepy.

I am thankful almost well child (just a mild, lingering cough) and a husband at home.

I am wearing...denim capris, red sleeveless top, and red paint on my toe nails.

I am creating...a desire to sew again. Actually, I’m not creating that – it’s just welling up within me, reminding me that I need to discipline myself to set aside the time to create. When I am disciplined, sewing and writing both come naturally. When I am not, it seems I never have time or energy to do either one, even though I love both. Obviously, I’ve not been very disciplined lately.

I am remembering...friends. It’s a sad thing to forget friends, but a beautiful thing when no amount of distance or time between face to face visits can diminish them from our hearts and minds.

I am try my hand at making laundry detergent this week, with the hope that I will not be allergic to it!

I am reading...Still The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb. It’s not a bad book so far, but I guess I’m just not getting into it as much as I’d like. And the chapters are really long – not great for a mama.

I am hoping...for lots of trips to the pool this week.

I am hearing...the dishwasher and the washing machine,  sounds which remind me how thankful I am for each machine! The loud ticking of the clock above me, reminding me to change the battery so it will actually keep time.

On my mind...prayer for people who have either drifted from the Lord or have made conscious decisions to withdraw. My heart is aching.

From the learning rooms...I haven’t previewed this week, but I know one thing that will be new this week: a new science teacher! Doug is going to teach science two days a week before he leaves for work. Yay! Also, I can no longer say that Steven is a preschooler doing a little KG work. He has officially completed all of his preschool books and is solely in KG books now. *Sigh*

Noticing that...I should be hearing the dryer, too. Wonder if I forgot to turn it on, or if it’s just that much quieter than the washer. As I suspected – I forgot to start it.

Pondering these words...
Jesus calls to discipleship, not as a teacher and a role model, but as the Christ, the Son of God. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer,

From the kitchen...something with beef, probably ground beef. Any suggestions?

Around the house...a need for tidiness.

One of my favorite things...a restoration of routine.

A few plans for the rest of the little as possible. Swimming, hopefully. Bible study tomorrow night. Church Wednesday night. Maybe a long overdue trip to the library.

A picture worth sharing...a bean bag sandwich. This was taken after each child took a turn being the “meat” while the other two “chomped” on the giant sandwich.



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