Just What Flows

I’ve been trying for four days to come up with something to blog about. Every time I think I have an inkling of an idea, something derails it. I need to post about the corn husk dolls the girls made a while back, but I keep waiting until I catch them playing with them to get some good pictures. I have “in-progress” pictures, but none of the completed “family.” Gotta work on that.

It’s been a nice, average fall week. School. Windows closed the first half of the week, back open the second half. I love fall!! We had to close them again this morning because of the humidity (we’re spoiled!), but hopefully they’ll be back open in a few days. It’s kind of bizarre for it to feel like fall in southeast Arkansas before fall is even truly here! I like it!

I realized last week we will have one “off” day every week for the next three weeks. That means sacrificing what is typically my school prep day. What does a school prep day look like? Well, each child has a daily checklist of exactly what should be accomplished that day. I create that each week. I create one for myself, too. Sonlight has awesome Instructor’s Guides for history, reader, read-aloud, and science, but we follow more of a block schedule than the daily schedule they created. So, I take their divided assignments and re-arrange them on my own daily checklist – the list that also has Bible, Steven’s independent work, what I do with Steven, and what each girl does with Steven. Oh, and I also catch up on grading and determining what we need to spend a little more time on in the coming week, and I try to preview everything we’ll be reading together so nothing takes me off guard. Finally, I make copies of the reproducible worksheets. The kids do independent work while I have my prep day, and then we do core work the remaining four days of the week.

Realizing that we were going to be down to just the four core days each of the next three weeks, I did all of my prep work for those weeks this weekend. Whew! Nice to have it out of the way, but wow! That was a big deal! I did do a few extras, though, to help decrease prep time for future weeks. At least I hope it helps! Just one more thing to help me appreciate a little more all my mom put into teaching the five of us!

So, what’s our first “off” day? Tomorrow. Doug and I working at home. With…no…kids! I could have done all of my planning tomorrow, but how in the world could I waste such an opportunity?! I’ve been blessed to have people to leave them with so I can be away from home without them, but at home? That’s just a strange thought to me! So, no, I’m not going to waste such a day with school prep! I hope to write. All day long. I’m giddy!

So there. That’s what you get when I try for four days to decide what to write, only to finally just sit down and write whatever flows through my fingers. It just goes to show that my mind can be a rather random place sometimes.


Choate Family said…
I hope your day with Doug is glorious!

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