Tea Party!

We gave Angela the option of celebrating on her birthday (a Sunday) or celebrating the day before. She chose Saturday. So, like with Steven, we had a “pretend” 8-year-old all day Saturday.

We started the day with breakfast calzones on Hello Kitty plates, per the request of the birthday girl. The calzones definitely were a fantastic breakfast choice!


After breakfast, Steven and Angela went to watch some party11Muppet Show, Doug ran a couple of errands, and Olivia and I went to put the final touches on the sock doll she made for Angela’s birthday. Actually, we just had to finish up the dress. I was so proud of the work Olivia put into the doll – she did almost all of it by herself with just a little guidance and help from me. She’s proud of it too!

As lunchtime approached, the party guests arrived right on time! Angela was delighted to share her birthday with Papaw, Nanny, and Aunt Alli. Party13

We all enjoyed some of Angie’s traditional birthday quiche, and then she got to open her first present – the dress-up dress and hoop skirt I made her. Naturally, her first question was, “Can I go put it on right now?”


After lunch she and Alli went outside to get her birthday pictures in her new dress (yesterday’s post!) while the rest of us enjoyed some visiting time. Then around 3:00 it was finally time for the tea party: cake ball pops, chocolate and pink candy covered pretzel sticks, strawberries, grapes, apples, and punch, all on pink plates and in little tea cups.

Alli helped perfect the table organization.


But, we were missing one thing…enough tea cups! Fortunately, Nanny took care of that with gift #2 for the day…a beautiful Jordanian coffee cup set!



Since we didn’t have a cake, we had to be a little creative with the candles. There were eight of us at the party, so it worked perfectly for each one of us to stick a candle into a strawberry!


We sang “Happy Birthday” and then Angie blew out her eight candles.


She calmly, quietly, and happily enjoyed her tea party while the rest of us happily visited around her.


(Notice the pinky finger properly sticking out as she eats.)


Finally it was time for the rest of the presents.


Here she is showing off her dress, new hat (Mommy & Daddy), sock doll Ella (Olivia), and tea set chimes (Alli). She also got a new hairbrush from us, a Hello Kitty t-shirt from Steven, and a delicate perfume bottle from Nanny & Papaw.


Here’s a better shot of Angie and Ella in their matching dresses.


I think the birthday girl had fun! Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Alli, for joining us!


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