Outdoor Sights

Do you know what this means?


  1. God loves us and delights in providing for our needs.
  2. People love us, and delight in being the ones used by God to provide our needs (a truth that continues to humble and amaze me to no end).
  3. Winter is coming!

And, let me tell you, those three things bring huge smiles to our faces!

And then there’s this…

I went out to the garage this morning to get the full trash bag out of the large garage trash can and replace it with a new one so the kids could empty the house trash cans. When I pulled the trash can away from the wall, I disturbed at least two dozen mosquitoes that had been resting behind the trash can. Many more were scattered all around that area, which just so happens to be right outside the laundry room door! ICK! I was afraid of getting eaten alive just being out there to switch out trash bags, and I couldn’t even imagine the mauling the kids would get when it came time to empty the little trash cans.

So, I went inside to get the hand-held bug zapper (looks like a small tennis racket – it’s awesome!) and returned fully armed to attack the hordes. I killed mosquitoes continually for close to ten minutes. But, I successfully cleared the corner for at least a few hours – long enough for the trash to get taken care of anyway!

While I was in the process of killing the mosquitoes, I noticed this not-so-little toad relaxing right where many of the mosquitoes had been resting. I don’t know if this picture really does the toad’s fatness justice. He was HUGE!


He probably wasn’t too happy with me for killing off the rest of his breakfast. But, if you ask me, I think he needed a little break from breakfast! Knowing the corner is a favorite for mosquitoes, I’m sure he won’t have to wait too long for a nice, fattening dinner!


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