Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, September 19, 2011

Outside my window...a beautiful display of God’s handiwork in the clouds today. A layer of colors in the background with fluffy white and gray floating past in the front, blue sky above and intermingled between, and the sun shining around and through it all. Wow. Beautiful almost doesn’t do it justice.

I am thinking...that it just can’t be the last half of September already.

I am thankful for...people who love my children and actually ask to spend time with them. That is special to me, and to them!

I am wearing...dark denim capris; black sleeveless eyelet top.

I am posts – hopefully lots of them today.

I am remembering...finding out we were having a boy after having two girls. (Just got a text from a friend who just found out what she’s having. Fun times!)

I am enjoy this day. The kids are at Alicia Jo’s (church friend) for the day just because she wanted them to come! So, Doug is working from home, and he and I are enjoying a day of doing what we need to do in each other’s company.

I am reading...What Women Fear by Angie Smith

I am truly get started on Christmas presents early instead of just having good intentions. Hopefully today I will get ahead on writing so I can balance writing and creating.

I am and the tap of keyboards.

On my mind...marriages and the anger that rises inside me upon seeing them destroyed.

From the learning rooms...World War I – finally about to get to the US entry into the war; computers & internet; overview of energy in preparation for more in depth learning; adjectives and adverbs; a new math book for Steven (he’s so excited!); officially starting piano and getting back to the Polish and typing that were suspended for the summer so we could enjoy the pool.

Pondering these words... Parents are destined for disappointment when they admire fruit in others and seek to emulate merely that expression of fruit in their own children. Fruit is born from the inside -- not applied to the outside. - Rob Bradley from an article in the Virginia Home Educator Magazine

From the kitchen...stuffed chicken breast and cheddar broccoli rice.

Around the house...closed windows again, but hopefully they’ll be opened again soon.

One of my favorite hubby. He’s downright awesome, just for the record.

A few plans for the rest of the week...nothing out of the ordinary, that I know of – well, at least after today!

A picture worth sharing... A lady from church invited Olivia over for some afternoon baking fun yesterday. Needless to say, she had a blast!IMG_9657


Choate Family said…
Thanks for the peek into your day! What a fun time to be studying in school - lots of great picture books :-)

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