Not Rough

Doug is critiquing a sermon this week for one his seminary classes, so at lunch yesterday I asked if he’d been listening to any sermons that morning. He said no, he’d been listening to some lectures instead. That prompted this lunch-table discussion:

Angela: Are lectures more boring than sermons?

Doug: No.

Olivia: We don’t get boring sermons.

Me: Some lectures are fascinating. Others are horribly boring. Same with sermons. I’ve heard some pretty rough ones in my lifetime.

Steven: We get the not rough sermons!

Olivia: Yeah, because Daddy’s sermons are never boring!

(Angela was in full agreement – I just can’t remember what she said!)

I had to smile. And no, they are not just trying to flatter their daddy. They’ve heard a few other preachers here and there, and they all strongly agree that their daddy is number one!


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