The Joy of Friendship

Two years ago our dear friends the Choates moved from seminary housing to Dallas, TX, to work on the last of their Stateside studies before heading overseas with Wycliffe. Since then they have blessed us tremendously by making sure we got to be one of their stops every time they've travelled back this way to see family and speak in churches. Thursday and yesterday we had one last visit before their departure, and we had SOOOOO much fun! Thank you, sweet friends, for the incredible time and for making us one of your stops!

These are the friends who introduced us to blogging, and I'm so thankful! It's amazing how God works even in crazy things like blogs. Because of their blog, we felt like we knew their little Katherine, who we had never met in person! If I ever had any doubts about whether or not blogging was worth it, they were swept away during this visit. Even though parting was sad, we know we'll be able to easily keep in touch with everything going on with them over the next four years because of the incredible blessing of blogging.

I'm sure you can't tell from the pictures, but the Choates have the sweetest children. Our kids loved seeing them again. Here are Sarah, Olivia H., and Benjamin.
Angela and Olivia C.
Hmmm....what are they up to?
Olivia H. entertaining little Katherine.
Oh, and our little ladies man has found a new girl to chase! :-) Watch out Emily, you have competition! (I'm sure Emily and Katherine will compare notes when they visit the Shawas this weekend!)
Here Steven was chasing Emily down the hall trying to get hugs.
And we can't do without good-bye kisses!


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