Finally...a tooth!

Steven woke up around 10:30 last night with a low grade fever. After checking on him, giving him some Tylenol, snuggling with him, laying him back down, and checking on him a time or two more, he managed to get himself back to sleep and slept until 8:00. I figured it was a tooth pushing its way through that woke him up, but the MDO policy is that they have to be fever-free for 24 hours. So, I called in to work and we were blessed with an unexpected day at home. I can't say that I minded! I always hate to have to call in, but it has been nice to be home.

Steven woke up this morning fever-free but very cranky. Sure enough, one tooth has broken through his gums - yay! One down, one to go! No matter how he feels, being outside is a pick-me-up for him. It doesn't matter how cranky he's been - if we lead him outside, he cheers up immediately! I must say, though, that the day is really to beautiful for any of us to be cooped up inside! So, we gathered up our school books and headed to the back yard. It's still pretty soggy from our last set of storms, but Steven was able to play on the patio and in the grass close to the house while the rest of us did schoolwork.

The girls sat in their chairs playing with Silly Putty while they listened to our read-aloud for today, and Steven played with balls and rode on his little "bike." He was happy as could be the whole time. Such an outdoors child!

We all had to come in for lunch and to get out of the sun a bit (no shade yet in our yard!), but we'll probably be right back out there this afternoon, especially if it staves off whining and crying! :)


Choate Family said…
Hooray for teeth, we are still waiting. :)

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