I have not been good about pictures this week! I hope to get that camera back out in the next few days for some new pictures to post.

Steven still does not have those new teeth, but teething tablets have worked wonders for him! I never believed they'd work, but we were to the point of being willing to try anything. He receives almost immediate relief from those little tablets! Praise the Lord!

Meanwhile, Olivia lost yet another tooth. She's looking quite snaggly these days. We didn't even know it was that loose, but on the way to MDO yesterday she was talking about how it was totally free in the back and she was working on the front. As we were walking in to MDO she said, "I got it!" I still wasn't quite "getting it," so I turned to see what she had gotten. There she was with a little rootless tooth in her hand. Silly girl. Unfortunately she lost it while at school, but the tooth fairy was still generous and visited her even without the tooth.

On a sadder note, please pray for my mom's family. One of my cousins - an 18-year-old - was found dead in his bed yesterday afternoon. The autopsy has not been completed, but the assumption is that it was related to alcohol in some form. He was not saved. This year has been very difficult on my aunt anyway, with lots of family issues. Please pray for her and for the rest of my mom's family during this very difficult time.


Choate Family said…
You are doing a great job of "shrinking the miles" with your blog. Thanks for sharing all of the sweet daily things.

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