Locks of Love

Olivia woke up this morning on a mission. She decided that for her 7th birthday she wanted to get a hair cut so she could donate her hair to Locks of Love! We've talked about it for a while now, and she's always said that at some point she was going to do it. But, she's always loved her long hair, and we definitely didn't want to put any pressure on her. She had told us she wanted to do it for her 9th birthday, and we figured that would be fine. Well, this morning she just made up her mind that it was time! We talked about it all day, even tried to postpone it until later this week. She was okay with that, but she said at one point that she really wanted it to be on her birthday. So, after talking through all of the consequences of short hair (no braids or ponytails for a while, etc), she convinced us that she really wanted to go through with this.
Of course we recorded the process...
Before shot - last picture with long hair!
Here it goes!

The braid!
In these pictures it looks like her hair could still be shoulder length, but the back was much shorter than the front. So...

This is how it ended up! She wanted bangs again, too - something she hasn't had since she was two or three!
Doug and I were almost tearful - we are very proud of her. It's strange, though, to see her with short hair. Her long hair has been a part of her for so long! She's excited about growing it out so she can donate again...and again...and again.

If you haven't seen the post I put up earlier tonight with her birthday pictures, be sure to check that out! It's her last set of long-haired pictures for now. Her curl kind of fell out as we moved through the gardens because of the weight of the humidity, but they turned out so well, I think!


Choate Family said…
Good for you! Sarah is getting hers cut on Friday (with her Aunt Rachel) to mail in to Locks of Love, too. You are a cutie, Olivia!

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