Oh how I miss shade trees!

Okay, so maybe I should have taken his shoes off first...

Steven had just gotten up from his nap and was still in snuggle mode. So, I thought maybe being a "helper" would be helpful to him! It worked. I was able to fix lunches with no fussing, and he thought it was great to perch up high on the counter. He made sure to scoot all the way back so he wouldn't fall. Such a smart little boy.
We've had a pretty good morning. It started off very whiney - Steven first woke up around 5:15 and never really went back to sleep. It was very obvious he should have gone back to sleep, though! The girls weren't all that happy with life either. So, we tried to refocus. I walked around the outside of the house to find the best shaded area for school. Fortunately, it was on the side of the house with a little gravelled area so Steven could still ride his "bike." I think back so often to the countless trees on the compound in Jordan where I grew up - and the fact that it was against the law to cut down a tree without government permission! I miss all those trees. Someday this yard will be nice and shady, too, once our trees really take on some height!

Anyway, it was a gorgeous morning and we had a great time outside having a prayer time, reading about the Israelites at Mt. Sinai, learning more about Roman life, learning about microbes and their effect on food, and reading Detectives in Togas. We wrapped it all up about the time the shade started diminishing and the heat started really settling in. I am so thankful for a late spring that seems to be staving off the heat of a southern summer for just a little while longer!

Now to proceed to our afternoon chores...


Choate Family said…
"Detectives in Togas" is one of our all-time favorite read-alouds! In fact, Sarah just said, "Oh, I love that one!"

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