Doug was late getting home on Friday because of a problem at work. So, the kids and I were home weathering the storms while he had a different type of storm to weather. The four of us crawled up on the bed in our room, and the girls decorated wooden mirrors with stickers and glitter glue while Steven sat in my lap with a book and his lovies and I watched the weather and listened for the tornado siren. We already had everything in the closet a few feet away, ready to jump in when a tornado was sighted in our area. Thankfully, that never happened! We had sirens because of rotation in the clouds, but that rotation was well south of us and never turned into a tornado. Instead, we had a sweet time of togetherness, just enjoying each other's company as we sat on the bed. We are praying for those who weren't so fortunate.

Doug shot this picture on Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church. Everyone was dressed and sitting down for quiet times. Olivia is just barely starting to comprehend how reading the Bible can teach her how to live (she still reads for stories), and Angela is far from that concept. But, their quiet times are still very important to them. Angela was slow getting ready for MDO yesterday, and was so upset because we had to leave and she had used up all of her quiet time opportunity! So, she carried her Bible to the van. I pray that they always have a love for God's Word and that we can teach them how to apply it to their lives!


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