One More Thing

Okay, yes, I'm going to shamelessly self-promote here! In an effort to try to contribute to our family's needs right now, I have reactivated my Mary Kay website and am trying to find a way to do some online business. I will do facials and classes upon request, but I am primarily trying to do webshows, online orders, and re-orders from current customers. This will enable me to continue homeschooling and not sacrifice the evenings and weekends that currently seem to stay busy enough as it is!

Primarily, I share this to pray. Pray that if this is something the Lord is leading me to do, that He will bless with customers and income flow. Secondly, though, if any of you are in need of a Mary Kay consultant or know of anyone who is, please consider me!! Just click on the link in this blog to go straight to my website. From there orders can be placed, or emails can be sent directly to me with any questions or comments. I am offering incentives (free shipping and/or free gifts) for orders of $40 or more and for referrals that result in a webshow or purchase.

Thanks for tolerating this little plug and for any help you can bring me!


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