Well, it's looking more likely that we will be making a move to Monticello, AR. Calvary Baptist Church there in Monticello has been considering Doug as a pastoral candidate for quite some time now. They have been slow in making a decision, and for a time we were rather uncertain about our future there. We made one last trip back to Monticello this past Sunday, and the search committee now seems to be in agreement that they wish to move forward with us. We went in to the weekend thinking that this trip would close the doors, but we were very prayerful. We came out of the weekend feeling a strong peace about keeping the door open and continuing with this church. There are still a few things to be ironed out - and we do still have other resumes active right now. So, please continue to pray that we'll know without a doubt if this is the Lord's desire for us and for that church.

Here are specific ways to pray:
  • Our house to sell if we are to move! That will definitely be a new experience for us!
  • That we will know without a doubt if this is NOT the move for us. (Also that we will know if I need to be packing anyway!)
  • Timing to work out perfectly.
  • All finances to be covered between now and then and during the move.
  • A place to live in Monticello or wherever else we go that will allow us to keep our cat Smokey!
  • Packing - wow! We have just entered summer activity at Mother's Day Out, which is a big deal, and Doug's hot summer months at UPS which really drain him physically and aggravate his asthma. We need energy and ability to pack well and wisdom to downsize more as needed.
  • The kids in any transition, especially Angela and Steven who do not handle such things well.
  • School! We've struggled with completing this year, not for lack of desire but because so many obligations have cropped up over the past few weeks. Pray that we'll be able to be consistent in finishing the last four weeks.
  • A perfect replacement for me in my position at MDO. This is not just a job, it is a ministry, and it is critical that the personalities of the office staff work well together.

Thanks for your continued prayers, and we will continue to keep you updated as things progress.


Anonymous said…
Just wanted to let you know we are praying you through the upcoming changes as God lays you on our hearts!
We, too, as usual for us, are facing the unexpected. Though I have to say, we are facing it with excitement and energy! Sam has been asked a couple of times by several different people for his ministerial resume. Perhaps there will be preaching opportunities soon... To God be the Glory!
- Cyndy

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