There's nothing necessarily newsworthy to report in the Hibbard household - just life. Things are flowing a little differently now that we know we are moving. We are beginning that tedious task of packing and are supposed to be talking to a real estate agent soon. So, those things will definitely be a disruptive force to normalcy. But, in the meantime, there is still just plain ole ordinary Hibbard life. I like that.

Here are just some snapshots from the past few days.

The girls were listening to our morning Bible reading and just looked so cute...
Angie was sitting on the couch with Olivia's lap desk in her lap. I think she was drawing. Steven decided that he didn't like that plan, so he came over and flopped down on the lap desk! Silly boy!
The girls were napping and Steven decided to take advantage of the fact that they left their princess slippers out! He thought it was great!
Angie had paused as she was prancing through the house, and Steven ran up and just gave her the hugest hug! It was precious! The funny part was when he wouldn't let go! :-)

The other day Steven was singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" so sweetly! It's the first time I'd really heard him sing it. So, I tried pulling the camera out, but we all know how that works with a stubborn toddler! The video was cute anyway, even if he didn't actually sing the song!


Choate Family said…
Yeah for plain-old-everyday life with sweet kiddos. Those days are about to change for both of our families as we transition and move. Enjoy!

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