New Haircut

About ten years ago, I started cutting Doug’s hair at home.  Since then, it has seemed to just naturally flow that I cut everyone’s hair.  The girls have always been pretty easy.  A straight cut, sometimes with bangs, sometimes without.  I can keep the ends trimmed and the bangs halfway decent.  But, then came Steven.  Keeping a little boy’s hair cut hasn’t been so easy – especially trying to keep a nice little part on top. 

I finally gave up.  Last Saturday I asked Doug if we could forego the part and go to using the razor for the top as well as the back.  Steven was in desperate need of a haircut, and he was just as desperately trying to delay it.  He hates the scissors.  He hates how long it takes to cut his hair.  So, he hates haircuts.

Doug, in his wonderful, easy to please manner, agreed that the part could go, at least for now.  The next challenge was getting a less than happy Steven into the bathroom for the essential cut.  I promised him it would be very, very quick.100_7479

Sure enough, just over five minutes later, he had a new cut!  Quick and easy – yeah, I like that (and so did he!).  The only problem is, of course, that it’s a more grown up look.  Not too sure about that one – he’s looking grown up enough as it is!


Of course, when he does silly things like this, I’m reminded that he will always be my goofy little boy!  And yes, there was a, “Mommy, take a picture of this!” request before he did it! 



Mandy said…
Oh I LOVE it!! He really does look more grown up.. but look at that sweet face! And those eyes! Just beautiful. (I mean.. handsome!)

I've been using shears on our boys since they were 2.. Sam's is so easy to do b/c it's wavy/curly.. but Carter's is soo straight.. it shows every little hair you miss, every place it's uneven.. ugh.
Aw! Thank you! That face does melt my heart...

Steven's is very straight and fine, too, so cutting his has been such a challenge. I've had the same problem with Olivia - Angie's is curly so it's so much easier!
Stephanie Kay said…
Adorable!! I've been buzzing my boys for years. In fact, Ben has never had a salon haircut (though Sam did) or a part. I take Ellie to a kids place but I'd like to start cutting hers also. What scissors do you use and where did you buy them? (I'm all for saving $15 when I can!!)
They always look older after a haircut.


I buzz all my boys. They have no idea about barber shops.

Easy squeezy. :D

I don't think my kids have ever considered that people go somewhere to get their hair cut! I doubt even Olivia remembers me ever going anywhere - yes, it's been that long!

Stephanie, the first scissors we had came with our whole hair cutting kit. After about ten years, those started to die, so we went to a local beauty supply store and got a new pair. Sally Beauty Supply is where we went - I know it's a nationwide chain, but I don't know how local one might be to you.

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