We Survived!!

Last night I could tell the kids were ready for Daddy to come home because they were super hyper at bedtime!!  What they didn't know was what time I was expecting him.  I'd been telling them all week that he wouldn't be home until long after they went to bed, so they didn't expect to see him until Friday morning.  But, as he and his mom set out from Florida yesterday morning, they both decided they were just ready to get home.  So, they hit the road and hardly stopped the whole way home.  Early in the afternoon Doug called to tell me he expected to be home by about 8:00!  I sent the kids on to bed for their book time around 7:00, hoping it would help them calm down a little bit.  (It didn't.) 

Doug pulled up about the same time Steven came out of his room to show me a cool helicopter in his book.  Without missing a beat he turned to show it all excitedly to Doug as if Doug had been there all day!  But, as he ran back to his bed, there was an extra spring to his skip that hadn't been there all week.  Daddy was home, and all was right in his world again.  The girls, on the other hand, let out genuine girlie squeals of delight when they saw him! 

We got through the week pretty decently.  Sunday is always a busy day.  The remaining days were just "normal" weekdays, and it helped to have school and a few other things to take care.  It went pretty smoothly, although we did hit some rocky emotional spots on Tuesday afternoon (probably related to the fact that Doug's schedule kept us from talking to him much all day).  But, a visit from a friend from church helped with all of that.  The kids were ecstatic when they learned Ms. Vickie was coming over to eat supper and play games - and I was very much looking forward to the visit time.  

This past week we did very little in the way of "special" activities in his absence, so I don't even really have fun pictures to share!  I've never been really great at planning special events (that's Doug's strength), but I might have to dig down and see what I can come up with for Doug's next trip.  He leaves two weeks from Monday for Birmingham and M-Fuge.  We just might have to find a road trip or at least a little mischief of some sort to get into while he's gone this time! 


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