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For Today...Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outside my window...two loads of laundry hanging in the stillness of this intense heat wave. 

I am thinking...about Friday morning when the whole family will wake up under one roof.  I like that thought.

I am thankful and electronic communications.  I’ve been able to video chat with my hubby several times since he’s been gone.  And, now that we have Skype functional again, I’ve been able to real-time chat with my friend Joanna in the Solomon Islands twice in the past week!

I am knit sundress, sandals, hair down amazingly enough!

I am creating...a plan.  I really want to get the library/sewing room reorganized, but I have no idea where to begin yet.  The bug will bite soon enough.

I am remembering...friends who have to live with regular separation from their spouses.  This summer is reminding me to be thankful for the fact that this is rare for us!

I am stay out of the heat as much as possible.

I am reading...just school stuff for now.  Calico Bush and Adoniram Judson are our current books.  I need to get back to reading for me! (Should get a new Amish novel in the mail soon.)

I am hoping...the forecasted chance for rain becomes a reality.

I am drowning out any precious child noise, Downhere playing on iTunes

On my mind...Olivia’s passion to get Bibles to people who don’t have them.  1) I want to have more of that passion.  2) I want to make sure to nourish her passion and continue to find ways to help her and the rest of our family make that desire a reality.

From the learning rooms...Taking a break from US History to learn about Adoniram Judson; long division with remainders; place value; silly stories about whales for creative writing.

Noticing that...a pretty stout breeze has picked up outside since I last looked out the window. Nice!

From the kitchen...Bisquick chicken pot pie (I usually prefer real pie crust, but I wasn’t in the mood to make one today); pretzel dogs for supper with a friend.

Around the house...a slow but definite return to order from the utter chaos that we’d fallen into.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s much more tolerable!

One of my favorite things...the love my kids have for their daddy and that he has for them and the fact that it’s evident even when he’s away. (Steven informed me today that I cannot squish his belly until Daddy has a chance to squish it first!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...a little party tonight with a friend who’s coming over; church tomorrow; Father’s Day preparations on Thursday so we can celebrate on Friday (Sundays are just too much!); celebrating Doug’s return and Father’s Day on Friday; much rest for all through the weekend, hopefully!

A picture worth sharing...hallway baseball player in full dress uniform

Angie dressed up  


Your blog has been quieter while Doug has been away. I bet your Mommy-hands have been busier than usual!

Sounds like a good week, though,

Mandy said…
This post made me smile! :)

I totally understand how Doug being away strengthens your familys' love - clayton's away fairly often and sometimes I think we're the lucky ones b/c of it.. though that sounds crazy. We don't take our time together for granted.

I've got to get the bug to get Madison's other closet done.. still haven't even started - though I did look at it today. lol Maybe we'll catch the bug at the same time!

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