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For Today...Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outside my window...alternating clouds and sun with an occasional breeze jostling the leaves on the trees around us.  High expected to reach 97 with a heat index of 107.  Fun times.

I am thinking...about Steven’s zest for life.  It has been rather entertaining of late!

I am thankful for...air conditioning and insulation.

I am tank top, capris with large bright pink and green flowers (probably the most exciting article of clothing I own!), brown sandals, hair in a twist.

I am creating...chaos, it seems. Wonder if I can reverse that and create order instead.

I am love on my kids and not take their health for granted after watching Extraordinary Measures last night.

I am tackle these endless mounds of unfolded clean laundry.  Thankful to have so much.

I am hoping...the days before Saturday go very slowly and the following six days will go very quickly – Doug will be at the SBC those days.

I am hearing...Steven’s jabbering and singing while he works on workbook pages, his choice of “school” for the day.  It’s sweet to sit here with him.

From the learning rooms...trying out our new summer schedule this week – so far so good.  Motion, the War of 1812, the Monroe Doctrine, long division & right angles, math review (Angie’s almost ready for a new math book!), ABC’s & 1,2,3’s (in English and Polish, thanks to the teaching of big sisters!)

Noticing that...diligence just feels better.

Pondering these words... “It was so beautiful it almost seemed fake.” ~My friend Joanna  C while walking through God’s beautiful tropical creation.  I think that one might end up blogged about soon.

From the kitchen...a twist on our peanut butter granola bars.  We substituted Rice Krispies for half of the oats.  Yum!

Around the house...mountains of laundry; moving school and eating into the living room while the dining room is converted to a spot for the toaster oven and indoor laundry rack.  It’s easier to cool the living room if the dining room/library are closed off!

One of my favorite things...the imagination of children.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish trying out and tweaking the new school schedule, get Doug packed for his trip to Florida, catch up on housework.

A picture worth sharing... water gun fight from a few weeks ago.
Water Gun Fight


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