Day One

Today is Day One of a six-day separation from Doug/Daddy.  He left early this morning - before the kids were up - to head to Orlando, Florida, for the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Last year we all got to go.  It was in Lexington, KY.  It was closer.  It was cheaper.  This year it just wasn't happening.

Our family isn't separated very often.  It's just strange to have a family member - any family member - gone through all waking hours of the day, much less overnight.  Then when you turn that into six full days, well, things just seem a little helter-skelter around here!

Today went pretty well, though.  There were a few moments when faces puckered up this morning at the reminder that Daddy wasn't home.  No words were said about it - just a look here and there.  But, a phone call or two took care of that.  There was a bit of unsettledness this evening as we got ready for bed and Daddy wasn't around.  Again, a phone call helped.  I'm sure these huge grins aren't at all indicative of how much it helped...

Through the day, there was a little more "Mommy, Mommy!" than normal.  They needed a little more attention.  Helping Mommy with a task here, a game of hallway baseball there, a chance to help make brownies and ice cream, read-aloud time on Mommy and Daddy's bed, and the promise of getting to take turns sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed the first three nights - yep, it's the little things that make it all better!

I'm praying for good sleep tonight for the kiddos.  Already both Steven and Livie have been up for little nothings since I put them to bed.  (Angie is getting the first night in my bed, and she hasn't been up at all!)  But so far only twice for Steven and once for Olivia.  Hopefully that will be it! 

There will be a few surprises through the week that will help.  Pop Pop is coming up tomorrow morning (Grandma rode down with Doug to go see her father and brother who live not far from Orlando) to preach, so his presence will make Daddy's absence a little less glaring.  Then on Tuesday night one of their favorite ladies from church is coming to spend the evening with us.  I'm sure I can pull another trick or two out of my sleeve to help make the week go by a little more smoothly!

The only thing missing now is news that Doug and his mom made it safely to their destination...

So ends Day One.  Five nights and five days to go! 


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