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For Today...Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outside my window...I can’t really see out the window since I’m sitting in Doug’s office.  But, I know it’s hot and sunny. And hot.

I am thinking...through some journal notes, trying to figure out what approach I want to use as I blog through them.

I am thankful for...air conditioning

I am wearing...brown capris, a light blue sleeveless top, hair in a twist, bare feet.

I am creating...(or trying to create anyway) a skirt out of some brown gauchos that I made last year that are way too big on me now.  We’ll see how this goes!

I am remembering...summers in Jordan without air conditioning.  It was a dry heat, which I prefer, but I’m still thankful for air conditioning!

I am reading...Sarah’s Garden by Kelly Long

I am hoping...a break in the heat comes soon.  By the way, have I mentioned that it’s hot?

I am hearing...Doug tapping on his keyboard, music playing from his computer, the AC running.

On my mind...friends and loved ones affected by cancer.  Either fighting it themselves or watching their loved ones fight it.  It’s an ugly disease, but I’ve seem some beautiful things come from it – just another reminder that God can do some amazing things!

From the learning rooms...Adoniram Judson; Naya Nuki; adding fractions; light

Noticing that...I’m really craving chocolate.  I know – such deep thoughts.

Pondering these words…  “God makes us grow! You can’t stop what God wants!”  Just the words of my children as we tease them about needing to make them stop growing.  But, there’s a lot of depth to those words.

From the kitchen...a very desperate need to get back to menu planning.  We’ve been winging it for several weeks, and that’s just not good for us.

Around the house...more rearranging being planned.  There’s always room for improvement!

One of my favorite son running into the living room, arms open wide for a hug, saying, “I love Mommy lots and lots!”  And the hug that followed was SO big!

A few plans for the rest of the week...surviving the heat.


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