Memorial Day

Last Monday morning we got up and headed to Judsonia to spend the day with the Browning side of the family.  We were blessed to get to celebrate Memorial Day with not just the grandparents, but also both of my brothers and their wives - and, of course, little Abigail.  When we look around at wonderful family and realize how blessed we are to be able to get together whenever we please, it makes it the remembrance of the lives sacrificed that much more meaningful.

There we so many great pictures from the day.  I picked out my favorites and ended up with 22!  So, I narrowed them down greatly to my seven favorite.  (Mom and Ashley, be expecting emails over the next few days with the extra pictures!)

The four cousins.  A cute bunch, if I do say so myself!
Grandma and Grandpa with Abigail
The girls found dress-up hats
Olivia enjoyed one of her favorite spots - Grandpa's lap.
She's about to outgrow Grandma!
Of course, the highlight of the day was Abigail.  She's such a sweetheart!  We passed her around until she issued her protests against being handed from person to person.  She was happy on her pallet on the floor, though, while everyone took turns trying to get her to talk and laugh.  


Nancy & Charles said…
Choate Family said…
You have such BEAUTIFUL kiddos! I can hardly wait until our kids can play together again - just two more years. What do you think about arranged marriages?
Doug Hibbard said…

Um, I thought that was a settled issue?


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