AR Post Memorial 50th Anniversary, part 2

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures from our July 3 trip.
The girls were fascinated with combing the wool and weaving yarn into a belt. AR Post 2aAR Post 2gAR Post 2h   …and the weaving.  (It made me want a simple Inkle loom like that - or any kind of loom, for that matter!  Such fun!)AR Post 2l AR Post 2gSteven was more fascinated with the boats and horns.  Oh, and waiting for the canon to fire – when it finally did we all jumped three feet! AR Post 2iAR Post 2jWe moved on from there to learning about boating up a river.  We started with the sail.  But, then the wind died down too much.  So, Olivia helped lower the sail.AR Post 2f So, out came the paddles.AR Post 2e When the water grew too shallow for the paddles, the kids picked up their poles. AR Post 2d When the boat got stuck in the mud, out came the ropes, followed by the block and tackle.  Doug jumped in to help with the pulling!AR Post 2c
Finally back in open water, Angie helped hoist the sale again.AR Post 2b There was so much more to see and do, but we were a hot and hungry family and it was well past our usual lunch time!  We traipsed back to the car and headed to find some lunch, recording the morning in our family history books as a great one to be remembered. 


I love the boat in the grass! Great imagination :D

Stephanie Kay said…
What great history lessons!!

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