July 4th at the Hibbard Home

Technical problems figured out and solved.  Yay!  And now, for the blog post…

Just for the record, I am completely convinced I have HIDD – Holiday Idea Deficiency Disorder.  Every time a holiday rolls around I'm firmly convinced that I’ll finally have it all together and we’ll do something creatively fun like my friends.  But, it never comes.  Nope – I just draw a blank.

So, along comes Independence Day and there’s nothing there.  Again.  I was pretty discouraged and frustrated (and tearful – yes, I’ll admit it) yesterday afternoon.  But, somehow through the course of the evening, everything fell into place for a wonderful, fun family celebration.  I told Doug I think that’s the secret – it’s just got to fall into place almost on its own! 

When we w4th 2ere grocery shopping last week, Doug found a rack of ribs and some corn on the cob that he just couldn’t help but buy to grill.  Who was I to argue with that?! 

Sunday afternoon rolled around and we realized we had much less charcoal than we thought.  So, we piled in the van and headed to Wal-Mart for charcoal.  While we were there we grabbed some ingredients for a patriotic red, white, yellow, and blue fruit pizza too! 

We got home and Doug started on our dinner while the girls and I made the fruit pizza.  4th 1

When everything was done, we headed to the back with our indoor picnic and turned on PBS to watch A Capitol 4th.  All five of us enjoyed the music (especially the bands and orchestra!) and the fireworks. 

4th 3 4th 4 We finished off the evening with some party poppers...

4th 5 …and, of course, with some fun with the confetti that shot out of the poppers! 

Not bad for a spur of the moment family party!  And, to top it all off, Doug was struck by brilliance yet again, and we have a really neat idea for next year’s celebration.  Nope, not going to reveal it yet.  You’ll have to  tune in again sometime early next summer for your invitation to an Independence Day celebration, Hibbard style! 


Mandy said…
I love it! Girl i am right there with you.. and cracking up at your newly founded disease! lol I totally have it, too! I tend to draw a blank when put on the spot about anything.. much less being creative about what to do on our nation's BIRTHDAY! Kind of a big deal. ;)

Looks like you had a blast! I wish I'd have thought to do the pizza!! I haven't had one all summer!

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