I think I'm in a family blog drought.  I have fodder for the other blogs, but it seems like things around the house this summer are, well, not super blog-worthy.  I haven't even been taking pictures! 

So, what have we been doing?  Well, we're three weeks away from finishing school.  Then we'll probably take a break until the middle to end of September since I've done next to nothing to prepare for the new school year!  Oops!  I'll probably take advantage of that gap to read a few "extra" books aloud to the kids.  You know, some of those books I read as a child that I loved so much.  I'll take any excuse to read them again! 

Meanwhile, we've been making a catalog of all our books. It's been a long, long time since we've done that.  And, we currently have so many borrowed books from my mom and sister-in-law that we just feel more comfortable knowing exactly what we have.  We are currently up to 936 entries - and I know that many of those entries either have two copies (mostly for school purposes) or are reference sets in which we didn't list each individual volume, so we actually have more books than entries.  As a child I loved our floor to ceiling bookshelves full of books.  As a college student I wondered how in the world I would ever manage to accumulate books for our family.  Eleven and a half years into marriage, I see how blessed we are. I still have three school years plus supplemental books and all of Steven's books to catalog.  And when I think of all of the books we've passed on...Lots of books.  Nice.

Otherwise, we're trying to stay cool and relax as much as possible between busy spurts.  VBS starts Sunday, so we're catching our breath before diving into that! 

Maybe I'll have pictures by next week...


Hi Ann,

You know, those non-blog-worthy days are kind of nice... just doing ordinary stuff :D

I've thought of trying to catalog our books... then I shudder and walk away!


Aren't they? I like "average."

Your shudders are well-deserved. At this point I'm determined to be done, but wow, what a task!

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