God’s Sound Effects

I will probably do Simple Woman tomorrow, but today I just had to share what God did last night! 

We are in the middle of VBS this week.  It started Sunday night, and Thursday night will be our finale/family night.  Doug and I are doing the Bible story room.  (We’re doing Group’s VBS where the groups don’t have a base room but instead travel from station to station.)  Last night’s story was Paul’s shipwreck, part 1.  We pretended we were actually on the ship, and Doug was the captain.  He kept hearing from this man Paul that we didn’t need to sail, but he insisted on sailing anyway.  The skies were fair – all was well.  Besides, what could a troublemaker like Paul know about whether or not it was safe to sail? 

So, we would set sail.  Doug would talk about all of the comforting things we had on the ship just in case a storm did set in (all the while trying to bring the kids back to the idea that God’s Word is comforting in times of trouble).  Then Doug would get to the part where the storm clouds were starting to roll in. 

And at that moment, it would thunder!!!!

Every time.  With all four classes.  Very noticeably.  At least for us!  I don’t know if the kids really “got” it.  They weren’t paying that much attention to much of anything last night, even though Doug tried to draw their attention to the fact that we didn’t bring any sound effects.  But, we obviously noticed God contributing those sound effects each and every time!  It thundered other times in the night, but never during the first part of Doug’s story telling. 

Is that not cool?!  I love the way God does little things to remind us that He’s there working in, through, and around us.  I love it!   And with all the chaos of rather rowdy children last night, that encouragement definitely kept us going. 


Mandy said…
Yes! Same with us! Our classroom has the big windows in it, so we even got to let the kids look out at the wind, clouds, and dark skies so they could really imagine how it would feel to be stuck out in a big storm! Lee Ann had thunderstorm sounds playing from her iPhone.. but we didn't really need that! lol

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