Little Blessings

A few smiles to start the week…

  • Steven is really starting to hunger to read.  He taught himself all his letters.  I told him that once he learns their sounds, I’ll start teaching him to read.  So, he went to the library and got his Fridge Phonics Word Whammer.  Meanwhile he’s regularly asking me to go through letters and their sounds with him, and he practices all the time.  That’s one motivated little boy.  I love watching his hunger for learning!
  • The girls’ current reader is Robert Fulton: Boy Craftsman by Marguerite Henry.  It’s a delightful book!  I couldn’t put it down, and neither can the girls, it seems.  But, Bob Fulton’s creative mind led him to try some pretty crazy things.  At one point, young Bob decides he needs paintbrushes.  So, he captures the cat and robs her of some of her hair.  Before long, there are strange-looking cats all over town where other kids have followed Bob’s example.  In an effort to protect our cats from such trauma, I reminded the girls to not get any ideas!  Olivia just cackled!  I’m not so concerned about the girls, but I am looking ahead to when Steven is in third grade and reading this book.  Cat-tail paintbrushes – oh, and homemade fireworks.  I’m going to have to watch out for that boy when it’s his turn to read the book!
  • I love it when chores are fun and yet still get done.  So often when I hear the kids cackling together while doing chores, it’s because the chores aren’t getting accomplished.  I expected that to be the case this morning, but I was delightfully wrong!  On Monday mornings, Steven usually gathers trash cans for emptying while the girls put clean sheets on the beds.  This morning Steven begged to get to help the girls.  So, I gave him one more chance to help and not hinder.  He still wasn’t the biggest help, but they got the beds made in record time just the same.  Then they helped him gather and empty trash cans.  Several of the trash cans needed new bags.  We have a game where we shake the new bags open in such a way as to create a fan.  They think it’s such fun to have a bag fan waved in front of them.  This morning three bags were needed, so each of the kids took a turn fanning the other two.  The one doing the fanning would chase the other two all through the house with the bag before coming back to put it in the trash can.  Such a sweet thing to hear as morning chores are being done! 
  • And, to top off the delight of the morning, it was actually cooler outside the house than inside this morning!  Amazingly pleasant!  I actually got to enjoy a nice breeze while hanging out laundry this morning, and Steven and Angie took advantage of a few minutes of play time.  What a blessing in the middle of the most recent heat wave!


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