Technical Difficulties

I had a blog post about our Independence Day fun all ready to post after fighting for quite some time with technical difficulties.  Then more technical difficulties hit, preventing me from posting it.  I'd retype it, but even more technical difficulties are preventing me from accessing the pictures.  Neither the desktop nor my netbook are liking me right now (and I can't say I'm too fond of them either at the moment!).  So, I will be content to just discuss technical difficulties for the time being and then move on with life. 

And, in the middle of it all, I am reminded of our friends in the Solomon Islands who have no internet access when they're out in the village, and can only email via radio.  But, their radio is currently on the blink and the replacement part is delayed getting to them.  So, they currently have very limited communication with anyone outside of their island village (they thankfully had ability to contact someone in Honiara clearly enough to let those of us over here know they made it safely to the island and were having their technical difficulties).  And I'm griping because I can't upload a blog post.  Yep, that puts it in perspective. 

Thank You, Lord, for the amazing technology we have access to, and thank You even more for reminding me that my agitation is unfounded.


Mandy said…
Oh I love the ending of this post! It is so easy to get SO frazzled over silly things - trust me, I know! :) Seriously though... I'm not sure that anything has the ability to make me so outraged like technology gone wrong!
That's me, too! And the most annoying part is that I will struggle and struggle with something technological, and then Doug will walk in and do the same thing I've been doing and it will work! I'm not technologically inept. But, I'm slowly learning to step back and take it in stride. Today's frustration was that Doug is in Alabama, so it was kind of hard for him to step in and make it work for me! :-) But, I finally figured it out! YAY!

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