Post Office

Mail is a big deal in our household. Other people in this town talk about not going to the post office to check their mail for days. Some even go a couple of weeks! To us, that’s insane. Doug goes every morning, and if the mail just so happens to not be out on time (a regular occurrence), he goes back again later in the day. That’s the routine. That’s us. It has made for some rather humorous discussions with those who aren’t quite so addicted to checking the mail as we are.

(Just for the record, if Doug didn’t do it, I would. In college, I checked my mail box every chance I got – just in case!)

So, now that the background is established, here’s the story.

A couple of weeks ago, the girls’ Sunday school teacher stopped me as I was heading from my Sunday school class to the sanctuary. She was laughing, and I was curious what silly thing my girls had done. Karlyn told me that part of the lesson for the morning involved drawing a map to get from our house to Wal-Mart. (The point was learning about following God’s directions.)

Now, Wal-Mart is in the next town, 15 minutes away. But, it’s a very direct route. You turn left off of our road, turn right at the end of the block, turn left about six miles later, and then follow the highway until you get to town where you’ll see Wal-Mart on the left. That’s exactly how Olivia drew her map.

But, unless Mommy is driving, or we’re going to Wal-Mart late in the day (we usually go in the morning), that’s not the route we take. Instead, we turn right off our street, drive a few blocks, turn left, drive to the stop sign, turn right, stop at the post office, then go straight down the road from the post office to the highway, turn right, turn left, and then arrive at Wal-Mart. And that is how Angela drew her map. The stop at the post office just had to come first!

What can I say? She comes by it honestly! Needless to say, her daddy is very proud of that map!!


Kristy said…
LOL I checked my box every day for 4 years of college and only got mail about twice a month! These days Randy and I are always asking each other, "did you check the mail???" and we rarely get anything but bills and catalogs. I don't know what it is about getting the mail that makes it so important, esp in these days of technology, but it sure is! =)
Ah, Kristy, we really are kindred spirits, aren't we? :-)
That's funny! I also check mail religiously! The thing about OBU mail was you never knew when they'd get it in your box. Plus there was always on-campus mail that could be delivered at any time. Ah.. now I feel all nostalgic to go turn the dial and see if I have any mail. :D
Stephanie, my father-in-law actually got his mailbox when his alma mater changed out their old box system several years ago! It made me nostalgic, was funny how the littlest thing in that OBU box could brighten my day!

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