I loved building tents, forts, and treehouses when I was growing up. Outdoors we’d find fallen branches or scrap wood to build our forts up against stone walls or portions of buildings. Indoors we’d use blankets and sheets draped across furniture and held in place by books and other weighty objects. I think the desire to build forts must be something that kids are born with, because my kids have always loved to do it too.

We’ve had a very warm winter, but just about the time the ground starts to dry we get a thunderstorm that dumps two inches of rain on us again. So, our yard is one big mud hole. Add to that the fact that because it is so mild, the mosquitoes haven’t been frozen out this year and our mild temperatures are just perfect for buffalo gnats (huge biting gnats). So, there hasn’t been much opportunity for good outdoor play. That means creativity must continue to abound indoors. What better than fort building?

Last week the kids pulled out their little pop-up tent to play in, but apparently that wasn’t enough. So, they decided to turn Olivia’s room into a giant fort.

They started it one morning when they finished their chores quickly enough to have some play time before school started. They were disappointed to have to stop working on the fort, but just decided to prop up on the “roof” to work on their independent work.


Later, they showed me their rooms. Steven’s room was by itself on one side of the fort. Actually, first came the “foyer” under the Winnie the Pooh blanket.


A hanging blanket separated the foyer in the front from Steven’s room in the back.


Olivia’s room was right in front with outside access. On the left hand side of the picture you can see the pink and white blanket hanging. That was actually the front door, and Olivia’s room could also be accessed through it.


Then there was the rest of the fort. Through the front door was a “hallway” (under the bright blue Veggie Tales blanket) leading first to the living room (the dark blue by the wall – that’s actually the pop-up tent), and then on to Angela’s room in the back (under the pink flowered blanket by the wall).


Unlike Olivia and Steven, Angie had no direct access to her room. To get there, you had to enter the front door and go down the hall past the living room. Perfect for our introverted little stinker who likes her alone time!


But, she did leave herself a peek hole just in case she needed light or social interaction with the outside world!


Fun times and sweet memories!


LOVE forts. My guys are constantly building forts in the rooms.
Yes! I agree- they must be born with the urge to build forts. I loved building forts, inside and out, and so do the boys :D


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