Maybe I don’t read enough. Or maybe my books just aren’t challenging enough. Or maybe I just need continual reminders to use more of the vocabulary I actually do hold in my brain.

All I know is that my children’s vocabulary often far exceeds my own. Well, let me rephrase – their vocabulary exceeds what I use. I always know what the words they use mean, but I don’t typically some of those words myself! Which ultimately is proof that I don’t really teach my children much of what they know. They just absorb information on their own. Which is, I guess, the real goal of teaching them. I can’t teach them everything, naturally, so what’s the solution? I have to teach them to learn on their own the things that I can’t teach them. (Which is a lot, by the way.)

Oh, and today’s word was “thrice.” Spoken appropriately by the five-year-old while playing Battleship with his eight-year-old sister. (“You’ve hit my ships thrice!”) And she responded as if there was nothing abnormal about his usage of such a word. And apparently it isn’t abnormal. Apparently all three of my children love the word “thrice” and use it around each other all the time.

Now to just be vigilant enough to ensure that their ever-expanding vocabulary remains, well, appropriate for children. Especially the preacher’s children! Smile


I love it! Be sure you keep writing them down... "thrice".

Gunnar loves "hence", as in "hence,the name".

Go figure.


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