Isabella Update

Here is today’s update from Leslie…

Alright sweet prayer partners, here is where we are. Tim and I are in the process of setting up Isabella's Caring Bridge site so that you all may check in on her at your convenience.
Isabella went into some respiratory distress the night before last and she spent the day yesterday in the ICU working hard to breathe. She was taken for a baseline MRI yesterday afternoon, and the breathing got worse. They had to intubate her and breathe for her. Let me be clear...she CAN breathe on her own, but she is having to work so hard that they wanted her to be able to rest and not do so much work. She lost 2 pounds yesterday trying to breathe. She spent last night in ICU again with the breathing tube and has done great. It has been the rest she so desperately needed. Here is what today holds...for now:) She will rest until about 12:30 when they will come get her for a nuclear scan that will tell us if this "nasty"blastoma has spread anywhere else. Of course we send that up as a request to the Father that there is no sign of it spreading. She will be in the scan for 4 hours. Pray! We are also waiting on a very vital piece to all of this which is a test being run on the tissue they took out to biopsy. I don't have it in me to go into all the details of the test, but the bottom line for all of you praying is this...PRAY FOR INTERMEDIATE, (not ROI, although I know they would love your prayers right now too:) but that this nasty cancer is in the INTERMEDIATE phase. God knows the details.

Continue to pray for the Respiratory therapist, Marie Claire. She is a precious Christian lady who just recently lost her dad to this ugly disease and has beautiful stories of faith to encourage our hearts right now. Also, her nurse today is Stephanie. pray for ministry opportunities during our small window of time with her today. Lastly, for Jason and the Nuclear medicine team that will have my baby for 4 hours today!

Thanks so much to those of you who specifically prayed for rest for our family last night. I went home and rested with my other 2 girlies and Tim stayed with Isabella. He is now resting with his phone in my pocket and his head on my lap. We love you all so much and I know you will forgive the scattered nature of this post. Contrary to what it seems, I DID sleep last night! Ha! Thanks again for all the prayers and support. Thank you will NEVER be adequate enough!!!

1Kings 8:56
Blessed be the Lord, who has given REST to his people Israel, according to all that He promised. There has not failed one word of all His good promise, which He promised through His servant Moses.

From Ann: Once I have the CaringBridge information, I will post that and let those of you who are interested keep up that way. To all who are praying, thank you again!


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