Earlier today I mentioned that I was praying for Isabella Day, 9-month-old daughter of my friends Tim & Leslie. Here is the update Tim posted just a little while ago, for any who are interested or have been praying today.

It has amazed our family at the number of people praying for Isabella and all the places around the world where our daughter is being lifted up to God. Today has been a day of many mixed emotions for Leslie and I, however we have constantly felt God's peace throughout the day. That is truly a God thing as it was very difficult for us to see them take her away not knowing what would happen during the surgery. Thankfully all went well today with the surgery. The surgeon was able to take a biopsy which has confirmed that the tumor is neuroblastoma and is malignant. They were unable to take the tumor out, but were able to put in a port which will be used for chemotherapy. There are going to be several more tests that will be run throughout the week which will determine if this cancer is "Intermediate" or "Advanced." Depending on what they find will determine the specific kind of chemo that will be used. At this time we have completed step 1 and we must wait for the 2nd step before moving forward. She is sleeping and resting in the surgery floor tonight and will be moved to the oncology floor tomorrow. We are holding her hands and loving on her as much as we can as we feel blessed that God has granted her one more day with us. We praise God that He guided the doctors throughout the surgery and is still in control as the doctors continue to seek more information prior to treating her. God is good...all the time! We ask that you pray specifically for the following:
1. Help Isabella not to be in too much pain and that she will be healed.
2. Help the cancer to be "Intermediate"
3. If not, allow God to demonstrate His healing hand through the "Advanced" neuroblastoma.
4. Be with Anna & Jaclyn as they deal with the changes in our lives
5. Be with Leslie and myself to have the strength and courage to face the pain of seeing our daughter facing neuroblastoma.
6. Pray for all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles who are by our sides through this difficult time.
7. Pray for Dr. Furlan as he decides the course of treatment for Isabella.
8. That God will use our circumstances to bring glory to His name.


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