Missed Naps, a Link, and Today’s Laugh

Well, I was going to take a power nap. But you know what happens the moment you lie down! By the time I answered Olivia’s research question, solved Angela’s tech issue, and made my phone stop making little noises at me every time someone contributed to a Facebook “work” conversation I am involved in, I just couldn’t do get relaxed. So, here I am, taking a few minutes to chat with you before getting to my afternoon work.


First, the Days have set up Isabella’s CaringBridge page. Here is the link for any who are interested in keeping up with their journey: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/isabelladay


Now, for my funny of the day. I was checking Olivia’s math today and found this:

Problem: Write a number with a 4 in the billions’ place.

Olivia’s Answer: 4,444,444,444

Problem: Write a number with a 7 in the millions’ place:

Olivia’s Answer: 777,777,777,777

Problem: Write a number with and 8 in the ten millions’ place:

Olivia’s Answer: yep, you guessed it: 888,888,888,888,888

Her explanation was indeed the obvious one. “I made sure I couldn’t possibly get them wrong!”

And yes, she did have to go back and circle the one number in each answer that was in the correct place! Do you realize just how much fun school is going to be as that child gets further along? I love it!!!


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