The Birthday Cut, Take 2!

Does anyone remember this post? I had already shared Olivia’s birthday pictures that day, but I had to go ahead and share the Locks of Love post as well. Hard to believe it’s been four years. It’s also hard to look at those pictures and then look at the young lady before me now. Where has my little girl gone?

(Momentary pause for reminiscing. Sigh.)

Well, Olivia decided that she wanted to donate her hair yet again. Our original intention was to join the Choates so Olivia and Sarah could donate together. But, that just didn’t work out. So, they’ll just be together at heart instead (and compare their new short hairdos next weekend when they do get to see each other again!).

Since Olivia couldn’t do it with Sarah, and I was due for a haircut anyway, I decided to go drastic and join her in donating.



It actually ended up being a good thing that we didn’t try to join the Choates for Locks of Love because I didn’t have ten inches and Olivia would have been pushing VERY close! But, another program called Children with Hairloss takes eight inches. So, we opted for that instead.



















Thank you, Laney, for helping us with our cuts! You did an awesome job!


Stephanie Kay said…
Love it!! That style is very similar to what Ellie has (and what I tried to get this last time but that's a whole other story). It's super cute and so easy I don't even have to brush her. Which is good because she hates when I brush and fix her hair.
I LOVE it! On both of you! I bet that will be a lot cooler in your hot, humid weather too.

You look fabulous!

Choate Family said…
Yay, friend! You two look great, and I can hardly wait to "compare hair" next weekend :-) Thanks for joining us in the adventure!

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