Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, May 7, 2012

Outside my window...rain! Beautiful, blessed, refreshing, wonderful, answer-to-prayer rain! As I listened to the thunder roll this morning, I didn’t know if the rain would actually get to us. But now that it truly is wet outside (and actually coming down steadily instead of in downpours) the thunder sounds wonderful. Praying that the farmers are getting a good soaking on all of their fields.

I am thinking...about how thankful for and spoiled by air conditioning I am.

I am thankful for...the rain, air conditioning, a hubby who is stopping to get milk so I don’t have to get out.

I am wearing...brown shorts and a light green top

I am creating...quite the mending pile.

I am in Jordan without air conditioning. But, it was also without humidity.

I am have to change books! I started reading a novel that I thought was due for review this week, but it’s not due until next week. Meanwhile, there’s a different one due this week. Oh well…at least I hadn’t gotten very far.

I am supposed to be reading...The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck. I had just started The Messenger by Siri Mitchell.

I am rains all day long. That would be so wonderful! I’m also hoping the forecasted temps for the week hold up. I’ll give up this week at the pool if it means trading off humid 90’s for upper 70’s and low 80’s!

I am hearing...thunder, pencils scratching as the kids do their school work, Olivia rumbling through the supply closet.

On my mind...friends in need of prayer – church members in the hospital, sick, or just going through some stuff; also college friends/fellow MK’s Tim & Leslie Day. They took their 9-month-old twins Isabella and Jaclyn in for their routine check-up this past Tuesday, and the doctor found a mass in Isabella’s abdomen. Tests confirmed a tumor, and this morning she is having a rather lengthy surgery to explore, biopsy, and find out what’s next. They also have an older daughter named Anna.

From the learning rooms...I think I’m going to share what we learned last week, since I always type this up before I prep for the coming week. So….last week Angie & Steven learned more about how people live around the world. They also explored the surface tension of water and began learning about plants. Steven has been finding the pistil and stamen on every flower, real or fake, that he’s seen since then! Olivia studied Australia, and I think she’ll be finishing that unit over the next day or two. We also moved from the human digestive system to the respiratory system in science. I’m loving science this year! I think she is too!

Noticing really is nice to have big kids.

From the kitchen...if we don’t have enough leftovers, then we’ll have teriyaki deer for lunch.

Around the house...still clutter. We spent more time on the yard Saturday than we’d intended, so we didn’t get as much done in the house. But, it was worth it!

A favorite thing from last week...our first swims! The kids and I went Friday, and then the Stones invited our whole Sunday school class over for burgers and a swim after church yesterday. The water was pretty chilly when we first jumped in, but it wasn’t too cold to enjoy. It only took a few minutes to get active and get our bodies used to it. And all of the little fishies who learned how to swim without their floats last year quickly regained their swimming skills!

A few plans for the rest of the week... “normal” most of the week. Then on Friday evening we get to go to the North Little Rock Community Band’s first summer performance. We’ve been to several of the outdoor performances over the past couple of years, but this year will be different because my mom is playing with the band now! Fun! Then on Saturday we have a special dinner to celebrate Olivia and some other girls from church who went through a class together. Finally, Mother’s Day! We haven’t been to Monroe since Christmas, so we’ll be heading down there for a quick trip after church on Sunday. Glad we get the calm week before the busy weekend.

A picture worth sharing...I’d hoped to share pictures of our young fruit. But, since it’s raining I can’t go out and take them. It’s worth it! I’ll share those later this week.

PS – If you tried to click the Choffy link last week and couldn’t get through, it’s fixed now! Or, better yet, here it is again:

I think I just might need a cup as I settle in to work this morning.


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